A collection of Rick’s experiences in acting, writing, painting, in life, and more. Amusing musings, thoughtful insights and observations on how to be a better human being.

Raindrops on a window.

A Raindrop in the Storm

A RAINDROP IN THE STORM (Linda’s Talk with God) Linda usually wakes up before I do. The first thing she does is have a little quiet time with God. After she did that this morning, she made coffee. There was a cup on my bedside table when I woke up. She was propped up on…
Single figure walking away from the camera down a foggy road.

What I’ve Learned From Anne Lamott

I started reading Anne Lamott in the late nineties. I wanted to move from playwriting, which I’d done for decades, to novels and had been told by a handful of smart people that Ms. Lamott’s Bird by Bird was as valuable a guide to writing good prose as I could find. I loved her voice,…
A cropped portion of a blue and white abstract painting.

Even This Can Be A “Most Amazing Day”

I have a child’s memory of World War II. My father was in the Army Air Force. He was a doctor stationed at various induction centers around the West and the Midwest: St. Louis, Lincoln Nebraska, Salt Lake City, and Colorado Springs. As a little boy, I remember a surge of emotion listening to the…
A blurred nighttime photo of the Chicago Theater sign.

Theatre Love

I earned my keep as an actor for most of my life. I love the theatre. I also love reading and books and there came a time in my 60s when it seemed like a good idea to give writing a full time go. The more I write, the more I love doing that too….
A cropped portion of an orange and red painting.

Accepting the Gift

Accepting the gift horse is the important thing; dissecting the creature serves no purpose. We are offered a free ride. We’re meant to grab him/her by the mane swing up, and let it take us wherever it’s going. Troubles or not, life is a beautiful ride, what a joy to be offered the chance to…
A cropped view of Rick Lenz in screenshot of the play, Last Class.

Last Class (Excerpt)

I wrote a little play about thirty years ago. It’s about a family whose relationships keep shifting. I had no coherent point of view in mind when I wrote it. I just wanted to keep the audience interested. I got a call recently from a man who’s directing that play at a college in Northern…