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Cropped version of a Rick Lenz painting

Reader Views review of “The Alexandrite”

Please forgive me friends that while I am still the main (only) publicity agent for my books, I will be posting an occasional review and hopefully contest result. Meanwhile, the next novel is near completion. Thanks! From “The Reader Views” review of “The Alexandrite.” “The Alexandrite” by Rick Lenz is a fascinating novel about time…
A cropped view of the tops of red tulips.

Naked in Tulip Town

It was the summer after we graduated from high school. My friends Tom and Steve and I went away for the weekend to Holland Michigan, home of the Tulip Time Festival. We were all privileged to be headed to college (different ones) in September, but for now, we were working summer day jobs, and happy…
Cropped version of Rick Lenz's painting, 'Dirk was worried this was his last life'.

The Ring

I’ve worn the same wedding ring for almost thirty-four years. Actually, it’s my second wedding ring. In 1995 my wife and I were mugged near the Pasadena Playhouse. We’d gone backstage after the show to see one of the actors, an old friend of mine. When we came out, the streets were deserted. As we…
Cropped version of Rick Lenz's painting, 'The Road Less Traveled'.


I got a nice review (4 stars) not too long ago for my first book, “North of Hollywood.” Well, not entirely nice. It said some complimentary things, but the reviewer went on to say about the rating: “Because the dude is an ass for most of his life. Yes, he’s apologetic now, but he left…
A cropped version of a vintage black and white illustration of three Victorian-era figures.

Nicer Name Calling

I’ve begun to think lately that the current language of anger in our culture is less than useful, certainly less than kind (and it’s not such a terrible idea to be kind to people even when you’re angry with them). If someone crosses your path in such a way as to inconvenience you—like maybe they’re…