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Sample Questions

  1. How did you become an actor?
  2. You worked a lot with a generation of actors older than you. Who was especially memorable? Tell us about John Wayne sending you to the hospital.
  3. Actors famously do a lot of different jobs to stay alive as they’re becoming actors. Tell me about some of the things you did as you were trying to get established as an actor. What was it like reading Huckleberry Finn to ghetto grade schoolers? You were a night clerk. But you also knew a night clerk who met a sad end. Tell us.
  4. Who did you run into, meet or just see when you were first in New York, people you never thought you’d meet or see?
  5. You did Cactus Flower on Broadway and the movie version. Which was the most fun?
  6. You played the Cary Grant role in Arsenic and Old Lace with the Gabor sisters. What was that like?
  7. Hal Erickson said in All Movie Guide: “Rick Lenz has steadfastly avoided pigeonholing as a ‘type,’ playing gunslingers, victims, villains, patient husbands, insensitive fools, intellectuals and even a wimpy murder-mystery fanatic in the (Hallmark) remake of Hitchcock’s Shadow Of A Doubt. Did you ever stay with a role for a while? Did you ever do a TV series?
  8. When and why did you decide to switch to writing? Why? Who influenced you? Why in The Alexandrite did you decide to make Marilyn Monroe a character? What do you think of her after all the research you did?
  9. How did you make the transition from acting to writing?
  10. Why the big interest in time travel?
  11. Do you consider yourself an expert in having a happy marriage?
  12. Did you take any courses or classes in writing?
  13. What advice would you give to a young, would-be writer?
  14. What 5 books or authors have influenced you the most?
  15. What are your 5 favorite movies?
  16. Who do you seek out to read or watch when you feel afraid?
  17. Do you miss acting? Would you act again if given the right role?
  18. Do you ever get bored? Do you have any hobbies or do any sports?


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Book Covers

Book cover for 'A Town Called Why'
Front cover of Hello, Rest of My Life
Front cover of The Alexandrite
Front cover of Impersonators Anonymous
Front cover of North of Hollywood

Head Shots

Portrait of Rick Lenz by Linda Lenz
Headshot of Rick Lenz
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Headshot of Rick Lenz
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