Hello, Rest of My Life

It took Danny forty years to find the love of his life, and now she was gone.

It didn’t matter that he was young again. Without Samantha his life was meaningless.

But it really felt good to be twenty-seven again with all of his juices flowing. And there was a sexy woman who wanted him. And the promise of a successful acting career. He’d blown that chance when he was here before but now he was smarter.

But where was Sam? Was she stuck back in the future, or did she exist at all? He had to find out. His heart was aching. He had to get back to her, but how? And what would he find when he got there?


Hello, Rest of My Life book cover next to the Nautilus Book Award emblem.

“I was delighted to learn that Hello, Rest Of My Life is a winner of the 2022  Nautilus Book Award (Fiction)”

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“Hello, Rest of My Life is both a time travel journey and a self-inspection that centers around Danny Maytree’s extraordinary experiences as he relives his past before he met his wife Samantha.

The proof of superior writing lies in the little details as much as the story’s overall premise. Rick Lenz incorporates astute contrasts between past experience and modern knowledge to give the account a fine atmosphere of discovery: “I go upstairs to my office to do some writing. I’m not sure what, but I’ve got to do something. I sit down at my old… Look at that. I didn’t think about it before: a Smith Corona typewriter. I don’t know if that company has gone out of business in the time I come from or not, but wouldn’t working for them be a little like having a job with the Bubonic typewriter company? I think of the millions of people who will be affected by COVID-19. I consider saying something about the future pandemic, but I can’t imagine what exactly I’d say.”

… Readers of time travel stories are in for a special treat, because “Hello, Rest of My Life” isn’t your usual saga of becoming stuck in the past and searching for the way home. Its special blend of philosophical and moral dilemmas, flavored with humor and a heavy dash of romance, sets it apart from other, more singular accounts. The events give readers plenty of thought-provoking moments as Danny reaches for truths in the past, that he never allowed himself to consider in his former life with Sam.”
– Diane Donovan, Editor, Midwest Review of Books

Hello, Rest of My Life is an emotionally gutting, beautifully written, passionate story of second chances with a twisty time-travel plot that will blow your mind while mending your heart.”
— USAT best-selling author, Pamela Crane

“… his prose approaches poetry on nearly every page … So we now know that Rick Lenz can likely enter any realm of storytelling and succeed.”
— San Francisco Review of Books