A cropped portion of an orange and red painting.

Rideaway With Me

Dear friends,

Thank you for coming to my website. I hope you enjoy it and that you’ll come back again and follow my quest through my blog: I will post videos, art, book events, and giveaways, which I hope will entertain and court kindness and amusement. In a sense, I will be following my star like Don Quixote. I invite you to join me in the quest.

I’m excited to announce that my newest release, The Alexandrite, will be coming this August. Stay posted for news on my book launch!

Alexandrite is a gemstone of constantly shifting colors. The characters in the story encounter and sometimes see, beneath their own ever-changing facades, the parts of themselves that exist through time and space. Marilyn Monroe is one of those characters. As the novel begins, her line toward the end of The Misfits is quoted: “How do you find your way home in the dark?”

I’ve been an actor most of my life. A few years ago, my wife Linda said, “Go ahead and do whatever your muse tells you.” Earlier in my life, I’d also been a writer and a scenery designer. Now I write, draw, and paint full-time.

The painting in the upper left corner is called Rideaway. The caption reads: “I don’t know what it is, but I intend to ride away from here on it.” That’s as near as I can get to a description of my approach to writing and art without boring you half to death.

I could—and probably will—tell you what a joy it is to ride that critter, how grateful I am to Linda for letting me ride him, and now to you for the kindness of taking a look at my work and play.

Come for Hollywood, stay for the quest.

Rick Lenz